Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fundraising in Nepal

I had this great opportunity to be in exotic Nepal, volunteering with Resource Alliance. This gave me the chance to spend 3 productive days with grass root NGOs bouncing ideas on starting fundraising. Good fun!

The particpants were from partner NGOs of VSO (Voluntary Services Organisation). We had an interprator (Mr. Chakra) in the workshop who translated every word I said. Quiet exciting, although the poor fellow had a hard time translating even the bad jokes I cracked.

We fiercely debated on if individuals could really give at all or could give in Nepal. I had my surprises when the particpants told me that cheques and credit cards were almost not existent. This left cash collection as the only payment option. Challening! But then the group could find some possibilities that may work in Nepal like Face to Face in malls and Tele-facing (mix of telephone and face to face). Below are some of the presentations that shaped our discussions (please copy them on the browser as the clicking links are not available some how):

A great break from all the fundraising exchange was this video of a dance perfomed by women from a local NGO. The ladies danced with perfection to a folk number and lilting music. The dexterity defied any hint of disability they had. I wanted to put the video here but the file seems to be too heavy (700 MB ??). Too bad!