Friday, September 4, 2009

Philipino Dangkal to raise funds

During my recent travel through Philippines, came across this simple but powerful way to engage corporate employees in helping the social cause.

The companies ask their employees to bring in their used newspapers, measuring one hand span. This measure in Tagalog (Filipino language) is called Dangkal. The newspapers thus collected are then sold to give money to NGOs. Interesting!

In India too some NGOs use something similar called Raddi drive. The word Raddi means junk in Hindi and comprises old newspapers, magazines, bottles and so on.

To me more than the money, it is a great way of getting the corporate employees into the habit of giving.

Only caveat is that this should be used as a means and not become an end to engaging employees. Surely, dangkal way of attracting attention should be quickly graduated to signing them for pay roll giving or giving on a monthly basis through direct debit.

So start asking for a Dangkal of raddi today!

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