Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Workshop on Resource Mobilisation in India 19-21 Jan, 2017

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UNACCC said...

No advance no initial payment for JV FUND LOAN AND INVESTMENT " Finances against acceptable collateral & yr DPR, CMA, pert chart & deployment of fund. Now it's for you & yr CA how to structure borrowers affairs .Professional fees on each stages will be 12500 = 40000-50000 . Borrower hv to be in beharain ..NGO TRUST Support funding...
Under current liquidity & mkt scenario no one will show any interest to associate. Overseas financing is arranged by the Indian grp only to viable project which can offer sufficient collateral. Recently they have disbursed more than 5000 cr in India.
~More details will be provided at free of cost

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Sarah said...

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