Thursday, May 7, 2009

Does your Charity has a cause not interesting enough for Donors?

How often one hears that.

I have come across several NGO leaders mentioning that their cause, their work, is not often interesting enough for individual donors. And hence they keep on chasing funding agencies and in some adhoc fashion certain corporations for funds.

A new email campaign from GreenPeace India may help us in making uninteresting interesting.

Now basically, what GreenPeace needed money for was an advertisement. Surely, not an interesting thing to ask money from donors,especially individuals.

But the way it has been done makes it so very interesting and compelling.Read below to know how it does the same:

1) It projects a big problem (Tata's destroying the eco system of a port)

2) It talks of a holistic solution to stop Tatas.

3) It further goes on to say how a huge amount of work has been done to address it (like placing advertisements in foreign publications that Ratan Tata reads etc.)

4) And the final bit, it projects a small gap that if not fulfilled will undo all the great effort in this direction ( an advertisement in the Indian newspapers that Ratan Tata reads)

Moreover the communication gives an opportunity for people to become activists (see Really amazing. I would love if GreenPeace shares how this did in terms of raising money and votes.

Click below to see the emailer for your self.

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